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The Minigoms is a playscape consisting of houses, roofs, trees and gates which can be reorganised, combined and extended over and over again. There is no actual result, the child can create its own spaces and worlds. The Minigoms consists of individual parts that can be connected to each other. Visual thinking and the ability to combine elements are challenged. The Minigoms can for example be a doll house, a farm or a toy train and car landscape. 

Available in the following sets (always 6 pieces/set):
Set 1: yellow (4 parts yellow, 2 parts black)
Set 2: orange (4 parts orange, 2 parts black)

Dimension: 6 pieces à ca. 370 x 230 x 8 mm to 200 x 200 x 8 mm


Total weight ca. 1.6 kg 


Material: Valchromat and biofa oil finishing. Meets all requirements of EN71. Made in Portugal and Germany.

2012 "spiel gut" has tested our MINIGOMS and recommend it!